Social Group Drop-off Programs

We Rock The Spectrum Moorabbin social group drop-off Programs offer children the opportunity to work towards their growth and developmental goals in an authentic setting where they are supported to navigate social settings, gently guided to participate in group and structured activities and assisted to regulate their emotions in a safe and sensory-friendly environment.

Our Coaches support children in their daily living skills, play skills and their interpersonal skills by encouraging them to participate in activities in a fair, safe and purposeful manner so that everyone has the maximum of fun. During our drop-off Programs, children also have the chance to build and develop new friendships, develop resilience, expand their ability to follow direction and advice, as well as grow their confidence and independence.

This supportive environment teamed with our highly trained WRTS Coaches caters to individuals’ needs, such that they are happy and motivated to explore all facets of the gym. ‘Play With A Purpose’™ is our aim as children use our specially designed occupational therapy equipment to play, self-regulate, socialise, develop their gross and fine motor skills – all while having fun.

Our drop-off Programs include:

  • Supervised playtime in the gym
  • Social snack/mealtime [BYO food and water]
  • A specialist class or Coach lead activity [e.g. sensory art, dance, yoga, craft and more]
  • Arts n’ Crafts on hand
  • Quiet time if required


  • Children must have attended WRTS Moorabbin gym at least one or more times during an Open Play with Parent/Guardian before attending a drop-off Program
  • Behaviours of Concern Assessment and known effective strategies for management of BOCs communicated to WRTS Staff
  • Completion of a Health Form outlining how best to support your child
  • Completion of NDIS Service Agreement (if using NDIS funding)
  • Completion of Risk Assessment Liability Waiver
  • Suitable for children aged 4-12 years unless it is a specified Teen only session (12-17 years)


Rockin’ Friends Group

This program typically runs on weekends and public holidays and is suitable for children aged 4-12 years. Sessions are usually 3 hours in duration, smaller groups are 2 hours in duration.

School Holiday Program

This program runs during school holidays (10-11 weeks a year) and is suitable for children aged 4-12 years. These are 3 hours in duration and 1:4 Support and 1:1 Support is available. Holiday Combination Days also run (6.5 hours in duration) whereby one 3 hour session is undertaken in the gym and the other 3 hour session is outside of the gym (an excursion). The combo days are offered as 1:4 Support only.

After School Program (weekly sessions during term)

This program runs some days of the week between 4-6pm and is suitable for children aged 4-12 years.

Rockin’ Friends Movie Night

This program runs and is suitable for children aged 4-12 years. It typically runs of an evening.

Rockin’ Teens Group

These sessions vary throughout the year and are usually 2 hours in duration. Rockin’ Teens Group is suitable for children aged 12-17 years.

Enquire for session dates and times.
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